The Eureka! Project

Eureka! Primary Sources of Early California History for Students, Teachers, and Parents

The Eureka! Project is an online, educational website that teaches students about defining historical events that shaped California’s demographics, economy, culture, and environment. Its open-access material is designed to benefit students, teachers, and parents, especially those with limited access to educational materials in museums and libraries.

The website gives the public unprecedented access to The Society’s historically significant collections. Many of the featured artifacts can only be found in our collection or are being made available online for the first time though this website. The Eureka! website also includes interactive features that introduce key concepts defined by the History and Social Studies Curriculum Standards for California Public Schools. It is designed to foster initiative and self-directed learning, critical thinking and creativity, as well as the ability to challenge assumptions and reach informed conclusions. Additionally, links to other useful online resources encourage additional exploration.

We would love to hear about your experience with The Eureka! Project. Please direct any questions or comments to [email protected] or give us a call at 415-957-1849. Your question will be directed to the appropriate staff person and responded to as quickly as possible.