“To collect and preserve information connected with the early settlement and to form libraries and cabinets … that advances the interests and perpetuate the memory of the founders of this new state.” Objectives; Society of California Pioneers Articles of Incorporation, 1850

Established in 1850, The Society of California Pioneers is dedicated to the study and enjoyment of California art, history, and culture. Founded by individuals arriving in California before 1850 and thriving under the leadership of several generations of their direct descendants, The Society has continuously served the academic community and the public.

As the oldest organization west of The Mississippi, The Society opened the first library in California, as well as a grand hall for meetings, lectures, and social events. Today, we operate a museum on The Main Post of The Presidio of San Francisco, free museum education programs, and The Alice Phelan Sullivan research library, all as a nonprofit organization designed to support scholarship and to encourage new interpretations that both illuminate and honor the diverse experiences of those who came before us.

Our Current Exhibition

Panama Pacific International Exposition guidebook, 1915


the personal papers, scrapbooks and souvenirs of

Charles C. Moore, President of The Panama Pacific Exhibition 

A Special Exhibition
February 25 ~ April 18 

Charles C. Moore is often given the lion’s share of credit for the success of The Panama Pacific International Exposition of 1915. As part of this year’s citywide centennial celebration of The PPIE, our exhibition includes a copy of Moore’s itinerary during the fair (he attended 425 events and gave 277 speeches between February 20 and December 4), the citations and medals he received, invitations to both public and private events, souvenirs from his unique experience, as well as the autograph book he kept on his desk (signed by Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, William Jennings Bryan, FDR, and Theodore Roosevelt).

Moore was an active member of The Society of California Pioneers and served as our organization’s sixty-third president from 1930 to 1932.

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