Thank you for your interest in underwriting history with a donation to our Patrons of the Art campaign. You can view and download a brochure that outlines the benefits of participation in this unique program, as well as the complete, full-color catalog of the portraits available for sponsorship. Please do not hesitate to request additional photographs, the documentation collected and archived during the accessioning process, or assistance as you select a painting to sponsor.

  • You can make your donation by sending a check to Pioneer Hall. Simply download and print this form.
  • You can make your donation online, using a credit card or Paypal; see below. Select one of the two options in the pull-down menu, click the button to add that donation to your “cart” and use our secure system to make your payment and receive confirmation of your gift. If you opt to make your payment online, please use this form to let us know your preferences (including which portrait you would like to sponsor and how you would like your donation acknowledged).

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