THIS EXHIBITION HAS CLOSED – we are installing a new exhibition and will reopen on October 10.

The expansive sky over California has captivated the imagination of artists and writers for centuries. It is both inspiring and humbling. Every sunrise over Lake Tahoe is an invitation to live in harmony with nature. The breathtaking night sky over the Sierra Nevada rewards those willing to venture far to experience a sense of freedom that others will never know. When they turn dark and threatening, the skies over the rugged coast of The Pacific overshadow the significance of any individual.

In the twenty landscapes selected for this exhibition, the verdant greens and rich browns used to capture the beauty and grandeur of California’s topography share the canvas with every shade of blue, white, and grey. The skies above Yosemite, Squaw Valley, Fort Ross, Salinas Valley, Mission Bay, and Mt. Tamalpais are the subject of works by Maynard Dixon, Thomas Hill, William Keith, Jules Tavernier, and other early California artists.

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“To collect and preserve information connected with the early settlement and to form libraries and cabinets … that advances the interests and perpetuate the memory of the founders of this new state.”                        Objectives; Society of California Pioneers Articles of Incorporation, 1850


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