Society Membership CertificateMembership is open to direct descendants of pioneers who arrived in California prior to January 1st, 1850. An annual or lifetime membership entitles you to receive:

  • An 11″ x 14″ Calligraphic Membership Certificate stating your pioneer ancestry.
  • Invitations to all events and programs including several members-only events: The President’s Picnic, The Albert Shumate Lecture, The Christmas Convivium, The Gold Discovery Party, and the Annual Meeting.
  • Subscription to the Society’s Journal, The PIONEER, featuring articles on California history as well as paintings, artifacts, manuscripts and photographs from the Society’s collection.
  • Subscription to the Society’s newsletter, The PIONEER EXPRESS, featuring upcoming events, member and activity notes, and Society information.
  • A roster as it is made available.
  • Special travel opportunities & discounts

If you are eligible for membership and wish to join, please contact the Membership Services Coordinator by completing this request form.