Auxiliary of the Society of California Pioneers

Aux Yearbook CoverAuxiliary membership is open to all spouses, widows and lineal descendants of Pioneer members. Formally organized as the Woman’s Auxiliary in 1901, membership was amended in 2010 (revised Auxiliary Bylaws).

The Auxiliary’s mission is to promote interest in and knowledge about California history. This includes the collection of facts about the settlement of California and the conservation of historical objects, pictures, artwork, manuscripts and documents for the Society’s library and museum exhibits. Another objective is to raise funds for Society conservation projects and museum exhibitions.

In addition, Auxiliary events are held to advance the Auxiliary’s social and educational mission of promoting historical understanding of California’s rich heritage. Topics include California’s historical contributions to science, technology, cultural landmarks and the arts. Annual events include:

  • February luncheon celebrating the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (Mexico’s cession of California to the United States) with a distinguished speaker on California history
  • May event with a docent tour at a California site of historical interest.

To apply for membership or for additional information kindly send an email to


Aux yearbook Inside cover_cropped
Auxiliary Yearbook, Inside Cover
Mrs John H  Jewett photo049
The founder of the Auxiliary, Mrs. John H. Jewett.